Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Sunday, 13 February 2011

There's Been A Brainwave At The Radio Station

Two pieces of wireless related news as Bagging Area toys with becoming an online listings service. Andrew Weatherall, featured once or twice round these parts, is in the chair on 6 Mix tonight (Sunday) from 8 until 10. Don't touch that dial.

On Tuesday night Mick Jones is on Radio 2, also from 8 o'clock, with Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie talking about The Clash and Big Audio Dynamite. The original line up of B.A.D. have reformed for a tour this spring to play their still wonderful, groundbreaking first album (Medicine Show, The Bottom Line, and E=MC2 are all firm favourites) and hopefully this 1986 follow up, C'Mon Every Beatbox- a rush of guitars, samples, machine drums and catchy lyrics. B.A.D. play Manchester on Friday April 8th, the day we drive off for a week away. Bugger. I'm currently weighing up Liverpool and Leeds as alternatives.

02 C\'mon Every Beatbox.wma


Simon said...

Now if we could just persuade Mick and BAD to record some new stuff, with Weatherall producing.

That would be the Dogs.

swiss adam said...

That would be the business Simon. I'm enjoying just thinking about it

John Medd said...

Does this mean that Carbon Silicon have been put out to pasture?

swiss adam said...

I hope not- like a bit of C/S