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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I Guess You Turn Me On

Finland's Vladislav Delay (Luomo) released his Tessio single in 2000, a wonderful minimal deep house record. It was then remixed countless times, sometimes to the point where you thought 'what have they done to it? and why have they bothered?'. This is the Moonbootica remix and it doesn't ruin it at all, keeping that perfect deep house sheen, minimal and spaced production, thin vocal and then turning quite hard and squiggly at the end. Music to make you feel better (even you guitar fans, if you don't usually go for this sort of thing).

Tessio (Moonbootica Remix).mp3#2#2


dickvandyke said...

Sorry I'm late on board with my hyper hug and sincere best wishes our kid.

You won't know it perhaps, but I suspect you're the best parents in the world.

swiss adam said...

Thanks DVD, but that's heck of a compliment and I don't think we can live up to that. One thing about spending lots of time at Childrens' Hospital is you see lots of people coping with similar stuff- most people would do the same if they found themselves in that boat.