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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Thursday Reggae

One of the great things about reggae is the super heavy, critic friendly, leftfield dub stuff and the fluffier pop-reggae are, to my mind, equally good. Davy H posted Susan Cadogan's Hurt So Good the other day, a pop-reggae tune that is surely as good as anything by King Tubby or Lee Perry, just poppier. This is Wild World, the Cat Stevens song, given the treatment by Jimmy Cliff's honey coated voice. Also contains very nice piano. Probably will not cause drowsiness. May make the user feel better, possibly even mild euphoria.

Wild World.mp3


davyh said...

Not Guilty Adam - the post was Young Drew. Credit to the boy, etc.

Been playing a lot of Jimmy Cliff myself this week, inc. this - of course.

swiss adam said...

Oops. Soz.

davyh said...

I have posted it. Along with Jimmy Clff, funnily enough. In Anciente Blogge Times.

Dirk said...

I have a very old Ska video, shot mainly in a club in Kingston in the 60's and along the performers is Jimmy, backed by the Skatalites, doing, amongst others, a song called 'King of Kings': this is one amazing piece of music indeed and I do wonder if anyone else knows it or even has a decent recording perhaps?