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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Lost Your Stripes

The White Stripes announced their split yesterday which probably didn't come as a surprise to many seeing as they haven't released an album for four years, cancelled several tours a while back and Jack White's got two other bands, a production career and a record label. But still, a shame I think. Their first four albums are all first rate and the fifth (Get Behind Me Satan) has got it's moments. The last one was rubbish, but even that had You Don't Know What Love Is on it. They made the blues exciting and popular again, had an interesting angle and image, prefered vinyl, made a good racket for a two-piece, could tear it up on stage, chose good cover versions, and Meg's drumming was perfect whatever the snipers and technique bores say. They were also much more interesting than either of Jack's other bands, neither of whom I can get a tinsy bit excited about.

This is Red Death At 6.14, which I'm pretty sure was a mail order only 7" available in red or white vinyl.


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