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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I'm Not Scared Of The Dark

I hardly ever listen to this kind of thing anymore. I suppose that in the early 00s there was so much good alt-country/noir/whatever you want to call it, after I while I just got a bit bored of the whole sound. Isobel Campbell and ex-Sreaming Tree Mark Lanegan do it so well and three albums later it's not running out of steam. From last year's album Hawk this is Come Undone, and it's totally mesmerising, with brilliant backing and the voices wrap themselves around each other beautifully. Plus, it still amuses me that a former member of Belle And Sebastian is mucking about with Mark Lanegan, and is telling him what to do.

Come Undone.mp3


davyh said...

I'm picking up and understanding your ambivalence: I quite like this stuff, but it's getting a little formulaic. She should make a smoky trip hop album next, or something.

John Medd said...

Adam - Got a feeling you'll dig this.

swiss adam said...

Yep, s'good that John.