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Monday, 26 November 2012

Astronauts The New Conquistadors

My Star was Ian Brown's first solo single and I think maybe his best solo moment- space race samples ('God speed John Glenn'), driving bass, some good guitar and a Brown lyric about superpower colonisation of space. He should have done more of this sort of stuff.

While we're on the subject of monkeys, a report last week said that psychologists reckon chimps and other great apes have a mid-life crisis- they become lethargic, their sense of well-being suffers, they start fancying younger apes. Which would suggest that a mid-life crisis is due to hormones or something wouldn't it? Surely apes don't have a sense of reaching mid-life and having achieved nothing or an awareness that they've passed the midway point. Like us.

My Star


davyh said...

Do they get bad backs? Probably. I've put mine out *wince*
Feeling decrepit : (

dickvandyke said...

I feel a bit sorry for today's astronauts. Like, all that passing exams on weightlessness, eating pills for meals, training for all those years .. and then barely getting beyond Blyth Services on the A1.
Dunt seem right.

Anyway, I saw a middle-aged chimp yesterday. He was cruising along in a red sports car with a young girl chimp in a blonde wig alongside. He had tight leather trousers on with a red neckerchief.
He didnt like it when I passed him on my Harley, I can tell you.

davyh said...

this guy Dickie? Yeah, I see him about a lot.

dickvandyke said...

That's him davy.


So anyway, having clothes older than your children, declining libido, snorting Ginseng, inability to concentrate and recall erm information, lethargy (yawn), weight gain, bloody moodiness, anxiety (esp when shopping), reaching for random vitamins, drinking too much, hair loss and miserable depression certainly isn't something I would recognise.

Swiss Adam said...

If you answered mainly 'Yes' to any of those....