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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Beware The Hooded Fang

Ok, I know that that's the Hooded Claw with Penelope Pitstop and not the Canadian indie-surf/Tijuana brass, guitar twanglers Hooded Fang, but it's close enough.

Hooded Fang's Tosta Mista album could be one of this year's most enjoyable listens- it's short and to the point, full of bright and breezy 60s hooks, 80s indie-punk lo-fi spirit and upbeat despite mostly being about a break-up. I like it- its got charm and a bit of charm goes a long way. And that's what counts as a review here today.

The Hooded Claw had neither a hood nor a claw and was the alter-ego of Penelope's guardian Sylvester Sneekly who tried to kill her to grab her fortune... it's a cheap cartoon. Who cares?



George said...

I was looking forward to hearing this and I've had a permission denied message....off to YouTube
(re. a msg on another blog, ever had a performance management meeting refer to "negative student perception"?)

Swiss Adam said...

Don't know why there's a permission denied notice. Unless the DMCA have intervened.

George said...

Thanks to YouTube and O*f*i*e*t* I've managed to m*3 it

Swiss Adam said...

Seemed to work when I tried it from here. Who knows?
Negative student perception- think that means they don't like us

Swiss Adam said...
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