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Monday, 12 November 2012


The Bagging Area cat Husker died on Saturday evening. He was eighteen (human) years old, a good old age for a cat, and had lived with us since the summer of 1994. He will be missed. It has got to me much more than I thought it would.

He'd been slowing down all week and on Saturday afternoon his back legs were all wrong. When he couldn't get up onto the sofa I knew it was the end. The end came with the emergency vet at an animal hospital in an industrial estate in Worsley (that is every bit as grim as it sounds). I signed the papers, watched him die and then came home.

His namesake, the band Husker Du and one of Grant Hart's songs from 1984's Zen Arcade.

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col said...

aaww man thats sad news. sorry for your loss.

drew said...

Hope the kids are ok. We had to do the same thing with Spike a couple of months ago, still can't face going to get his ashes.

davyh said...

They curl their way into our hearts don't they? As Aertog said on Twitter, I recommend kittens! (after a decent and respectful period of Husker mourning, of course).

ally. said...

mourned my old cat way deeper and sadder than my granparents. sure that shouldn't be the case but it was. thinking of you and yours sir

George said...

Terrible terrible news. 100% of the house feel for you all.

Anonymous said...

horrible. they so become part of the family

Mr A.N. said...

condolences to all. Don't know what we'll do when the time comes for ours. I still occasionally mourn my Mum and Dad's cat from 20 years ago

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words. The catflap flapped a bit earlier and I thought he was coming in for a moment.

dickvandyke said...

Sorry Adam
There'll be a hole in your family life for a good while.
I feel for you.
(Fasten the flap)