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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Clash Ice Baby

Last one of these London Booted posts for the moment- I always assumed Lazytramp did this mash up as a joke but if you ever wondered what Guns Of Brixton would sound like with Vanilla Ice rapping over the verses, now's your chance to find out.

Ice T famously said of Vanilla Ice 'What street is he from? Sesame Street?'

Funky Guns Of Brixton


Echorich said...

I saw this cover of The Face and thought...Do I have this one?... just finished tearing apart - gently - two boxes of mags and FOUND IT!! Back when The Face REALLY matter, not just mattered as it turned into the post New Romantic Fashion rag it became really famous as about a year later... Man! Clash, Wah Heat!, TOH...great issue!

Swiss Adam said...

There is enormous pleasure to be had reading old issues of music and culture magazines. Just wish most of mine weren't in boxes in the loft.