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Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Now, Movemberists, that's a moustache (as worn by Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton, the man who trekked through east Africa, taking a spear through the cheek and out the other side, searching vainly for the source of the Nile, found time to translate the Arabian Nights and the Kama Sutra, and lived a life full of colour- Victorian Britain was shocked by him and his private life. Kind of puts your own CV in the shade a bit doesn't it).

Daniel Avery is a new kid on the electronic block and he has a mix compilation in the long running Fabric series coming out next week. His own track Naive Reception is on the album and can be streamed here. It's a techno acid thing. Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s are on the cd as well as (I think) Weatherall and Fairplay's  Asphodells. Daniel Avery put this out in June this year.

Movement (Andrew Weatherall Remix)


Artog said...

His face (behind the foliage) looks strangely modern, more so than most Victorians anyway. Check out his tomb on Wikipedia. I drive past Mortlake cemetery on my way to the rubbish dump, must pop in next time.

Swiss Adam said...

His tombs great isnt it