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Friday, 9 November 2012

Dream Some Paradise

Tedloaf's reactivated Confessions Of A Trouserist blog had a post on Intastella the other day and the belting little tune that is People. This song was their first single back in 1991 when they'd been signed in the record company rush to sign any band from Manchester with a cagoul and a funky backbeat. I'm not sure this song sounds very Madchester although it does sound very 1991- more like a northern St Etienne in a basement nightclub.

Dream Some Paradise

Singer Stella Grundy is an actor now taking in roles from Corrie and Nico.

Ctel  left a comment nearly two years ago saying Intastella were rubbish. I doubt his opinion's changed.


Anonymous said...


drew said...

Ctel is not a man who changes his opinions easily. Look at all the evidence that I have presented re The Fallmand he has not wavered

drew said...

That should have been The Fall, of course. fingers too fat for iPad keyboard.

col said...

i just remember all those pictures of her in y-fronts :O

Tedloaf said...
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Tedloaf said...

Obviously I disagree with ctel but the keyboard riff on this sounds really dated now. The drums still do it for me mind. God, that's just weird.