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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Boom Bop

Westworld's Sonic Boom Boy was in the music round of the pub quiz recently and sent at least two of us on a discussion of the dress sense and attractiveness of singer Elizabeth Westwood (and the merits of the song). Westworld mixed up 50s rockabilly and comics with beatboxes and sequenced stuff, not too far from early BAD, just a bit poppier. Westworld also had in their ranks Derwood, a former member of Generation X making a bid for pop glory. This was the remix from the B-side of the 12" single-

Sonic Boom Bop

And this was the video-

A genuine hit single (number 11 in 1987), this was the TOTP appearance-

Without getting all TV talking head clipshow about it, our kids just don't have the benefit of seeing bands play Top Of The Pops, watching the good stuff shine amid all the shite.


Simon said...

I loved that single. All that electro rocknroll thing that this lot, BAD, yes the Sputnkiks were doing got me. It sort of sounded like the future. And a couple of years later with baggy there were guitar bands mixing it up with dance music and samples and remixes. Somehow though, even though I liked that stuff too it felt far more retro than this. There is still something about Eddie Cochran meeting Moroder that sends a little shiver up the spine.

Jase said...

The long forgotten Westworld. Bless 'em. I have to confess I was a big fan of their beatbox rock 'n' roll and saw them live a number of times, once towards the end of their popularity supporting Sigue Sigue Sputnik, who themselves were somewhat passed their infamous best.

Westworld released 3 albums before they called it quits, the last one only gaining a US release I believe. And also being not very good.

They were never going to set the world on fire, but it is a shame that they fell foul of the usual music biz cruelty.

Elizabeth WAS fit, too. 80)

Echorich said...

The influence of NY Electro on pop, dance and rock is a really underrate period in 80's/90's pop evolution. Electro changed New Order forever and Confusion is a classic of the genre. By the time Electro seeps into guitar rock we get amazing creations from BAD, Age of Chance, Westworld and yes even Sputnik. Eventually it would be flipping the script for bands like Renegade Soundwave, World Domination Enterprises.

Echorich said...

One other thing...I forgot how much Elizabeth reminds me of Annabella LuWin from BowWowWow! Maybe even a stronger vocal.