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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Brazil One

Yay! The World Cup kicks off today, all the way from Brazil. Nothing the current art department produce gets anywhere near the poster that advertised the 1950 tournament (also in Brazil) but never mind. We may also have to ignore a) FIFA's absolute corruption b) protests from the locals about the cost c) the poverty in the favelas just a stone's throw from the stadia d) the likelihood that England will be knocked out by the end of the group stage; then we may be able to enjoy a festival of football. Tonight, Brazil versus Croatia.

From 1968, Brazil's own psychedelic protest group and the mind blowingly good Os Mutantes. Just listen to that fuzz guitar and that tropicalia backing.

A Minha Menina


george said...

I was expecting a version of the Temptations' My Girl.I'm not sure I'm hearing it.

Luca said...

I agree with you on all four points, to the condition of putting the word 'Italy' in the place of 'England'.

Luca said...

UPDATE: https://imgur.com/gallery/xL4Ixi8.

Webbie - FootieAndMusic said...

Love the fuzz guitar. Loving the "shoo-bop" and "doo-wah's" too.

charity chic said...

Obviously being Scottish I shall be cheering on ........... Ghana!
Given I've got them in the office sweepie I organised (so no cheating there!)As I recall they were hard done by last time around by a certain Senor Saurez

drew said...

C'mon SA you all secretly deep down think you are going to win, you are not fooling the rest of us with your silence at the moment, as soon as you scrape the victory over Italy it will be "you know stranger things can happen, we could win this". But don't listen to me I'm just bitter as the next time we will qualify for anything I'm likely to be a grandfather.

'moan the Ghana!