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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Love's Got The World In Motion

You've got to hold or give
But do it at the right time
You can be slow or fast
But you must get to the line
They'll always hate you and hurt you
Defend and attack
There's only one way to beat them
Get round the back
Catch me if you can
Cos I'm the England man
And what you're looking at
Is the master plan
We ain't no hooligans
This ain't no football song
Three lions on my chest
I know we can't go wrong


Walter said...

It made me nearly cry to see your team losing tonight. It wasn't necessary to get two goal from Uruguay - especially when the striker plays in the Premier League in Liverpool. Keep on watching the competition mat.

Dirk said...

Hmm, uhh ... well ... no, not me ...what shall I say: perhaps it's just because I don't cry that easily?