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Monday, 30 June 2014

You Call Glastonbury Glasto...

...You'd like to go there someday
When they've put up the gun towers
To keep the hippies away.

So said Half Man Half Biscuit's Nigel Blackwell and judging by the bits I've seen on the telly this weekend it looks like it's happened. Most of the footage made Glastonbury look like a gap year training camp.

I saw a couple of highlights along with some shockers (Metallica- how much could you stand? I managed 93 seconds). I think the girls won.

M.I.A. resplendent in gold and with a whole forward line of rappers and singers blowing it up on Friday night. That sample from Straight To Hell and those gunshots and cash registers clanging out over rural Somerset are hard to beat.

Edit: This video, uploaded by the BBC onto their own Youtube channel, has now been removed by themselves. Apparently someone was wearing a t-shirt with a political slogan they don't like. No to censorship, yeah? Last night there was still 20 minutes worth of her set at their own website- confusing huh? Paper Planes starts around  13 minutes in.

The day after Warpaint brought their dreamy, bass led groove to the fields. Their album is sounding good again after a month or two away from it. You have to stop looking for the songs and let their sound wash over you.

Goldfrapp, strobe-lit and black clad, a sexy electro-glam stomp.

I also watched Blondie doing Atomic at some point while reading the paper on Saturday morning. I am sorry to report it was dreadful.

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C said...

I thought the same about Blondie/Debbie - v disappointed. Dolly on the other hand! And they're the same age...

george said...

Excellent line about looking like a gap year rraining camp. It sums up, for me, just why I've never been interested in going. Not even when I lived 20 miles away in the early 90s.

Anonymous said...


drew said...

Don't know what happened to my earlier comment it seems to have just disappeared.

as I was saying, the highlight for me was Clean Bandit, who until watching had never even heard of.

I got really annoyed by the BBC presenters blatant product placement of the git class's favourite wellies.

londonlee said...

Last visit home couple of years ago was the first time I'd been back when Glastonbury was on and I was stunned to see what a THING it's become with wall-to-wall coverage by the BBC. Call me a naive, romantic old fool but it doesn't seem right.

Swiss Adam said...

C- it's hard to believe Debbie and Dolly are the same age, they seem to come from different times.

Drew- I'm really unsure about Clean Bandit for some reason

Lee- you're a naive romantic old fool. But you're right.

h said...

Like every festival Main stage is usually gonna be fairly shit. The delights are on the edges. Lots of good stuff on the Iplayer Mr Swiss.
You;re right about the girls though St Vincent, Cate le Bon and lets not forget magnificent sets from parquet courts, Wolf Alice, Drenge etc etc.