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Saturday, 14 June 2014


We are camping in the Lakes tonight, for child number two our daughter ET. It is her eleventh birthday. Somehow we have managed to combine going to a campsite on top of a hill with England's first game in the world cup (at eleven pm). Hopefully we will find a pub nearish to the campsite. Otherwise it's everyone round a small transistor radio annoying any campers who want to get to sleep.

This rather good electronic song by Sean Johnston's Hardway Bros came out on a compilation called Correspondent a few months back. I'm guessing the title refers to when it was recorded, a year ago today.

14.6.13 here

Today is also the twenty-fifth anniversary of the death of Bunnyman and Sex God Pete de Freitas, killed on his motorbike in Staffordshire. His last public appearance was in the video of this Julian Cope song. There's a very good article in the latest Mojo magazine about him. He was one of a kind.


Luca said...

Buon compleanno.

drew said...

Have a good one ET

Walter said...

From me as well!