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Monday, 2 June 2014

Brown Rice

I read about this in Viv Albertine's book and went straight to Youtube to listen to it. Brown Rice is the opening track off Don Cherry's 1975 lp. Aside from some skawking horn bursts it's not really jazz at all, jazzy but something else. Jazz experts may disagree. There's a hypnotic eight note bassline, some 'world' instrumentation and Don whispering something that sounds like a child's rhyme. Very floaty and entrancing.

Brown Rice


Echorich said...

Don Cherry is iconic. He was always miles ahead of any curve thrown his way... Growing up in NYC and being a follower of the No Wave scene, Cherry was like that movement's Godfather. Yes he was rooted Jazz, but his music, I think can't really be categorized.

davyh said...

Like it

Walter said...

Good stuff!!