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Wednesday, 4 June 2014


There's something about this song, The Revolutionary Spirit by The Wild Swans, that could somehow only have been made in Liverpool in 1982, something essentially early 80s scouse about it. The Wild Swans were the baby of Paul Simpson (pictured above with flat cap, neckerchief and Telecaster). Paul's led three different line ups of The Wild Swans over the years but there's something really special about the first line up. Isn't it often that way? The Revolutionary Spirit was paid for, produced (in mono) and drummed on by Bunnyman Pete de Freitas and is a yearning, heart felt, uplifting, post-punk masterpiece. It was also the last record released by legendary Liverpudlian independent label Zoo.

The lyrics are a mini-epic in themselves, starting with these opening lines... 'Lost in the delta of Venus, lost in a welter of shame'... and a chorus that takes it further still... 'All is quiet where angels fear, Oh my blood relations the revolutionary spirit is here'. William Blake eat your heart out.

Label owner Bill Drummond reckoned it was the best thing Zoo put out and he might be right. Bill Drummond often is.

The Revolutionary Spirit


george said...

I remember this song from years back. Thanks for the memory.

Scott said...

I posted about this very song a couple of weeks ago but did not do the track as much justice as you have done. Great post for a great song.

Swiss Adam said...

Sorry Scott- must have missed that at yours.

Echorich said...

Journeyman Simpson is one of the truly unsung heroes of Liverpool Post Punk. He crops up everywhere from his own Wild Swans and Care to The Lotus Eaters, Bunnymen, Teardrop Explodes as well as being a member of McCulloch and Copes first bedsit band A Shallow Madness... I'm a fan of Skyray as well. I love all three Wild Swans incarnations but agree the first is pretty incomparable.