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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Clothes Music Etc

Viv Albertine's autobiography, Clothes Clothes Clothes Music Music Music Boys Boys Boys (out now) is a brilliant read- frank and fearless and written very much in her voice (you can hear it clearly throughout). The mid-to-late 70s take up an appropriately large proportion..... Sex Pistols, The Clash, Malcolm, Subway Sect, Don Letts, Johnny Thunders, Chrissie Hynde et al but it is Viv and The Slits who are at the heart of the book and the spirit of those times as seen through her eyes- provocation, feminism, empowerment, guitars, dressing and how to present yourself but also the upfront sexism/misogyny they faced from within the music industry (from the local pub scene upwards), hostility from members of the public, violence, confrontation, spitting, and overarching it all the desire to do and be different. There's also stained jeans, periods, sexually transmitted diseases and a sympathetic portrait of Sid Vicious. At the time of writing I'm only half way through it, so haven't got beyond the split of The Slits yet but it's a compelling read.

Not at all Typical Girls.


C said...

Sounds like a great book - saw Viv on 'Later' recently talking about it and she really hasn't aged, has she?
Will never forget how it felt to hear the first Slits session on Peel ...so exciting and like nothing I'd ever heard before (nor since)!

Swiss Adam said...

She looks great.

The books superb and very inspiring- even more so for a female I'd guess.
The Slits don't really sound like anyone else and all the better for it. Viv's solo album from last year is worth a listen too.

Swiss Adam said...

Not sure that was very clearly written. I mean that I'd imagine a woman would find Viv's book even more inspiring than I did, as a man.

davyh said...

Definitely getting that.

She was brilliant yesterday on BBC Radio London with Robert Elms - UK peops (even, shockingly, non-Londoners) can listen again here.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Davy. I shall listen forthwith, outside London

AndyW said...

i love the book
i can't put it down