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Tuesday 30 June 2015

I Like To Sit In Back, Watch Out For The Cops

We've not had any action from The Cramps here for a while so let's delve into Lux and Ivy's world today. Stay Sick in 1990 is some kind of high watermark in Crampdom. After that there are fewer great Cramp moments. Look Mom No Head! from 1991 had this song on it, which never fails to raise the spirits.

Bend Over, I'll Drive


Scott said...

You just know from the title alone that you are in for some vintage Cramps, great song. Who else could get away with a song called Bend Over I'll Drive.

Simon said...

God I love The Cramps.

Also (weirdly)some of my descent into country music this past year or so, is because of a binge Cramps listen early last year. I wanted to hear a 'twang' because either a twang a growl or a Bo Diddley make me think of The Cramps. And it's but a shiny gold bikini from Cramps to Country.

I know I make no sense at all.

Journey To The Centre Of A Girl is my favourite song by them. That is pure class, almost sleaze free too. Who knew they could do that?

Ivy Ivy Ivy. Hot hot hot.

Swiss Adam said...

Comment of the week goes to Simon.
Although I prefer Bikini Girls With Machine Guns to Journey To The Centre Of the Girl. Just.

Hazard said...