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Friday, 26 August 2016

Chilled To The Bone

It's over a year since I lasted posted anything by the Reid brothers. Over a year! Slap my wrists and confiscate my scuffed suede Chelsea boots immediately. The video for Sidewalking came my way on social media the other day and what a truly great record it is, maybe their greatest. Released in March 1988, a stand alone single which marries industrial noise with hip hop drumbeats (sampled from Roxanne Shante) and lyrics about missing the last bus home. The extended version from the 12" is double the length and double the fun.

Sidewalking (Extended)

And here's the video.


drew said...

It's very very good but still can't compare to Upside Down.

Anonymous said...

It's the second best single. Third best song. If that makes sense.
Happy when it rains rules in swc towers.

Echorich said...

The Reid Brothers never made it easy to be a fan. Doing things there way was really the only way so you either jumped on or jumped off their bus as it rolled down the roadway. I always held on tight to the center pole, even when the bus made a sharp right turn.

Gentle Ben said...

Wouldn't even make my top ten, but still cracking tune!

Michael Doherty said...

Yep, great tune but Drop, Darklands, April Skies and many more ahead of it in my head.