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Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Hustle

This is new from Lambchop and is pretty remarkable- an eighteen minute long meditation utilising a stuttering drum machine, some pretty little melodies on piano and woodwind and Kurt Wagner's rueful voice. It's a tribute to the dance of the same name, witnessed by Kurt at a wedding, it's not country soul they are known for and it sounds like autumn is just around the corner.


Walter said...

As you said - a wonderful meditative track. Love this. Thank you SA

The Swede said...

This is the 3rd or 4th time that I've heard the full length version of 'The Hustle' and it continues to get even better with each play. They're also playing a short edit on 6Music which works well too. I'm really quite excited to hear the album.

Swiss Adam said...

I haven't heard the edit yet.