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Sunday, 14 August 2016


Tim Burgess has done an album with Peter Gordon, due out on Tim's O Genesis label in early September. Tim's work outside The Charlatans is full of surprises, from various guest vocal performances to his solo album written with Lambchop's Kurt Wagner. This is the furthest from Madchester and Britpop yet- and it seems unfair to continue to pigeonhole both Tim and The Charlatans with those two labels. Peter Gordon is a New York based composer, experimental jazz, film scores and so on. He worked closely with Arthur Russell and his own Love Of Life Orchestra recordings are well worth checking out. The first song from Same Language Different Worlds came out digitally in June and is a little wonder, pitter-patter drumming and a drifting sax, swirling aquatic melodies and Tim's hazy vocals floating along on top.

A second song, Begin, has appeared online this month- metallic percussion, some synths and more phased vocals. All in all, it's a long way from Knebworth 1996.


Walter said...

I really like this both songs. Each of them is different and good. Looking forward to the album. Thank you SA for bringing it to my attention.

The Swede said...

'Begin' is quite rightly receiving substantial support from 6Music, but I somehow missed 'Unguarded' completely - and it's equally fantastic. My admiration for Burgess knows no bounds and I'm really looking forward to this album.

Anonymous said...

With that hair and those glasses he looks like a granny. Nothing to do with the music I know but it's very distracting

Swiss Adam said...

The hair is quite tame in this pic CTel.