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Saturday, 20 August 2016


Following yesterday's ambience and Davy H's contribution here's the new one from Frank Ocean (which I picked up on on Twitter via Davy H). Word on the net is that this forty five minute visual album stream is Frank's artistic statement prior to the new 'pop' album dropping. It may have already dropped by the time this post publishes. Endless is built on Frank's r 'n' b voice and beats, emerging from sound, ambient washes and loads of texture. An acoustic guitar drops in at the half hour point and at the end it turns techno. Very dreamy and slightly out of kilter. In the film Frank is wearing a Jesus And Mary Chain t-shirt while building stuff. What does it all mean? I don't know...but I like it.

Hmm... I don't have permission to share it. Watch it here.

Edit: you can't watch it there either. Apparently you can only watch it at Apple in exchange for cash. Sorry about that.

Frank Ocean - Endless from Audio Premieres on Vimeo.


exilestreet said...

He's dropped a new song, new vid. Damn this man is SO good http://exileonmoanstreet.blogspot.com.au/2016/08/frank-ocean-nikes.html

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Exile- I just picked up on this a few minutes ago.

anto said...

I was just finished picking my chin up after seeing endless then saw this....holy shit...the guy is special.

hana said...

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