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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Rama Lama Lama Fa Fa Fi

Released twenty five years ago this month Primal Scream's fourth Screamadelica single was Don't Fight It, Feel It. Where Loaded had been one of the key indie-dance triggers and Come Together was Weatherall's gospel masterstroke and Higher Than The Sun was just so far out and gone, Don't Fight It, Feel It was pretty much the closest they came to making house music (maybe Slip Inside This House shares that). DFIFI is wobbly house but house music nonetheless with a shuddering bassline, Denise Johnson's wonderful vocals and bleeps and bloops and all manner of dancefloor sounds. The various single versions came with remixes including the even housier and barnstorming Scat Mix where Weatherall and Hugo Nicholson twist their own track inside out and upside down.

Don't Fight It, Feel It (Scat Mix)

The song and others on Screamadelica caused ructions in the group no matter what Bobby told the press, guitarists walking out of studio sessions and people's egos threatened by not being on certain tracks. They worked it all out for the live shows. This TV appearance on The Late Show shows how they got a guitar-led version of DFIFI going, with Throb working his way around house music on a Les Paul and Bobby sharing the vocals with Denise. Good stuff. And unlike The Stone Roses, they didn't blow the sound meter and then shout abuse at Tracy McLeod.


Anonymous said...

Still the greatest album ever released. Swc.

TheRobster said...

As great as the original was, the live versions of this totally blow me away (though I have to say the sound mix in this clip is terrible). Glastonbury '92 really brought it home to me how good 'Screamadelica' was.

Luca said...

What SWC Said.

Swiss Adam said...

Yes yes y'all.