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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

America Is Waiting For A Message Of Some Sort Or Another

I remember clearly the first time I heard David Byrne and Brian Eno's 1981 album My Life In the Bush of Ghosts. This would be circa 1988 so it probably didn't have the same shock impact it may have had on listeners in 1981- sampling voices from the TV and radio was all over the place in the late 80s, as were drum machines and tracks constructed from loops and treated instruments. But it still made my head spin. America Is Waiting isn't necessarily the best song on Bush Of Ghosts but it seems the most relevant today. Snatches of ranted vocals ('we ought to be mad at the government not made at the people', 'no will whatsoever, absolutely no integrity'), distorted funky guitar from Byrne and a clattering rhythm track.


charity chic said...

I think the message may be we are well and truly fucked

Echorich said...

Funny I listened to that entire album today - It came into my mind watching the returns last night. I chose the title track from their 2008 follow up Everything That Happens Will Happen Today for my post today. It's more lullaby than frenetic pulse jumper, but it felt like it fit the bill.