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Saturday, 26 November 2016

November's Not For Everyone

I post these up on a monthly basis and it seems worthwhile because there's more top quality new and old music to be found in them than in almost any other two hour show the internet can provide. This is Weatherall's November offering for Music's Not For Everyone at NTS Radio. As well as the usual concoction there are, count 'em, four new Weatherall remixes- The Early Years; Piano Magic; Nancy Noise, Craig Christon and Tim Hutton; and one from David Holmes' recent Late Night Tales compilation I raved about last week, Holmes and BP Fallon.

This might soundtrack the afterparty back at our's spilling over from Isaac's 18th. Cheers!


Webbie - FootieAndMusic said...

Cheers to Isaac !
I love NTS radio. They did a Peel special a few years ago.

Swiss Adam said...

Cheers Webbie!

The Swede said...

'Tis indeed a fine show - one that has cost me more than a few pennies since you introduced me to it!
Cheers Isaac!

Walter said...

Absoluty right. I always look forward to his monthly show. And as always something new to explore.
Cheers Isaac!