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Saturday, 5 November 2016


Would you like a blast of something loud to start your weekend? Yes? Good. Cabbage come from Mossley, eight miles to the east of Manchester, a town in the Pennine hills. Five young men with something to say and the amps turned up nasty and loud so they can be heard. If you want some old fashioned references there's more than a little punk in here, the surrealist rumble of The Fall, the snarl of Sleaford Mods, the acute and humorous observations of Nigel Blackwell even. A commentary on the Britain of Cameron, Theresa May and Brexit with other stuff shoe horned in (see It's Grim Up North Korea). Guaranteed to wind some people up.


TheRobster said...

I think you posted about this lot before and I downloaded their EP on the strength of it. Then I saw them support Yak earlier in the year. I'm just glad there are bands out there who will make snarly music about proper issues. Apparently Necroflat In The Palace is about the Royal Family's worryingly close relationship with Jimmy Saville.

C said...

Thanks - yes, a nice energetic start to the weekend! I too am heartened by the existence of bands who (as The Robster so eloquently states, thanks!) "make snarly music about proper issues".
Having spent that spell of time in my youth so immersed in the anarcho-punk scene with FoPI, Crass etc that it all ended up frankly rather too depressing and at times too rigid and joyless, I love the fact that bands like this still want to address things (there'll never be a shortage of things to address, after all), and can still sound suitably fired about them, but with humour and without 'rules'. Good on Cabbage (erm, except for the name!)

The Swede said...

Good stuff. Yak make a splendid racket too.

Swiss Adam said...

The name Cabbage seems to be a deliberately stupid name.