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Thursday, 10 November 2016

De Testimony

Difficult to know exactly what to say after yesterday's news that other people haven't already expressed elsewhere. Right wing demagogues stoking up waves of populist revolt, people excluded economically and who see political elites as the cause of their problems, racism and xenophobia used to fan the flames, multimillionaires posing as voices of the people who represent the man in the street and tell it how it is. This has happened before, in Europe in the 1930s to give one example, and it doesn't go well.

I still haven't got my computer back either. I did manage to get into my emails last night for the first time in three weeks but haven't got the will to go through them all.

This record by Finitribe from 1986 is a blast. Just check the beat... and those bells! Dancefloor rocking stuff, electronic 80s, on the fringes of industrial, picked up by the thudding, slow mo New Beat djs in Belgium and then the Balearic scene in Ibiza and South London a couple of years later.

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