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Sunday, 20 November 2016

I Don't Know Where To Begin

As you probably know Johnny Marr's autobiography, Set The Boy Free, came out recently. I was in a shop and had just picked it up when my phone rang. Mrs Swiss said her Mother had just phoned saying she'd found a Christmas present for me and she was really excited because I'm 'difficult to buy for'.

'So whatever you do, don't buy the Johnny Marr book'.

I put it back, sighing slightly as I'd have to wait until the end of December to read it.

Electronic was a bolt hole for both Marr and Bernard Sumner and the original intention was to put out club inspired music with a variety of guests. First single Getting Away With It was a big hit in December 1989 so the idea of releasing things quietly and anonymously was shot to pieces there and then. Follow up Get the Message in 1991 was a brilliant piece of pop. It was followed by a remix 12" where the song structure was stretched into a dancier groove.

Get the Message (DNA Groove Remix)


C said...

I enjoyed that, thanks. One of those train journey songs (appropriate pic!) - can just imagine gazing out of a carriage window on a long journey with this as my soundtrack.
You're going to love your Christmas pressie I'm sure, despite the wait.

Swiss Adam said...

A train journey mixtape would make a good blog theme.

Dirk said...

Only as long as it contains The Pete Best Beatles' 'Alamein Train', SA!

Swiss Adam said...

Don't see why not Dirk