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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Fly Tipping And Remixing

We went for a walk on Sunday, up the canal and round the water-park, across Chorlton Ees, stopping for a pint on Chorlton Green and then back through the floodplain towards Ashton village. These places might not mean anything to you but they are green land around the Bridgewater Canal and River Mersey in south Manchester, rural feeling but with motorway, Metrolink and roads audible, and fairly full of strollers, dog walkers, cyclists and so on. On the walk, back towards Stretford cemetery there had been an enormous amount of fly tipping going on. And while I can't condone this kind of large scale littering it provides some interesting subject matter for photographs. Other people on the walk took pictures of their kids in Christmas jumpers. When we compared the photos on our phones at the end of the walk my view of the afternoon was a little bit gloomier. This shot in the tunnel under Washway Road that looks like it's from A Clockwork Orange.

Back in 2012 Four Tet and Jamie Xx remixed each other. This is an unsettling, disjointed and uneasy piece of work although the synths bring a certain kind of warmth..

Lion (Jamie Xx Remix)


The Swede said...

I hate seeing fly tipping - or any unnecessary littering really. We get quite a bit around here, but that's terrible. The shot in the tunnel is excellent.

C said...

Great photos, despite what we think about the subject! I got A Clockwork Orange in my head too the moment I saw that tunnel, brill pic.

Swiss Adam said...

It was the amount of it that was incredible. The tyre must have been dumped by a lorry. There's a tip a mile away- why not just take them there?

Anonymous said...

It costs money to take tyres to tips and the likes - something like £2-3 per tyre in many instances which is why so many dodgy companies go the flytipping route all over the UK. It's usually most common in areas on the edges of towns and cities where the green belt is more brownbelt than pure countryside.