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Saturday, 31 December 2016

New Year's Eve

Right then, New Year's Eve, an over-rated excuse for an enforced piss up if ever there was one. But staying in watching Jools, waiting for the clock to run down, is no good either.

Like many of you (us, the whinging, metropolitan, liberal elite out to deny the democratic voice of the British people) I won't be too unhappy to see the back of 2016, a downer of a year in many ways. 2017 promises more of the same (in the shape of Trump if nothing else). All we can do is continue to rage against the dying of the light with good music, people we like and trust and a hope that things may get better. To celebrate seeing the back of the year here's some tunes....

Durutti Column first, the combined talents of Vini Reilly and Martin Hannett, and a song to see the winter out- it's getting a bit brighter every day and has been since December 21st. That's something to cheer about.

Sketch For Winter

Some more guitars, this time the squealing, distorted and overloaded kind courtesy of James Williamson and Mr James Osterberg's Stooges. The start of this song is phenomenal, like the engineer pressed the record button a fraction too late but the band went for it anyway.

Search And Destroy (Mono)

Now some proper four-on-the-floor house music from Chicago in 1987. It contains a spoken word section that has some of the best kiss off threats to the other girl ever recorded (see below)

You Used To Hold Me (Kenny Jammin' Jason and Fast Eddie Smith Mix)

It's all about midnight, count it down. There, done.

Peaking Lights with some chilled out midnight dub sounds to ease 2017 in.

Midnight Dub

And to finish, because all nights should finish with this...

Come Together (Weatherall Mix)

Spoken word section from You Used To Hold Me...

Now honey let me tell you something about my man.
You know he's a good looking sweet lil' thing.
That man knows how to satisfy a woman
You know what I'm talking about?
Girlfriend let me tell you,
He bought me this fur coat
A brand new car and this 24 carat gold diamond ring
Ain't it pretty?
Girfriend you know how it is,
When you got a good man,
You start doin' things like wearing those high heel shoes
And the lace pocket with the garter belt,
And putting on that sweet smellin' seductive perfume.
Hm hmm
But you know what?
I'm gonna have to put some lame brain in check honey
Cause she got her locks on my man.
But baby I ain't givin up on this here good thing not for nobody.
Cause what that dorky chick got wouldn't satisfy a cheese stick let alone my baby
She better take her big long haired butt and move on 'cause he's mine all mine


charity chic said...

Hardly recognised you in that photo SA!
Happy New Year to you and yours

C said...

Well said, SA. Onward and... well, onward!
Happy New Year.

Anto said...

keep join brother. don't never give up. This music you have posted has been enjoyed by 20 or so folk there tonight

Shame URD won though. You must have been on 7th heaven

Swiss Adam said...

It was an excting finale to the match Anto- it looked like one of those days but the old spirit of never give up was there, resurrected from the SAF era. First time in years the crowd were singing in the tunnels after the game.

londonlee said...

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Belated happy new year.

Mrs Villain has long hated new year - we've rarely celebrated 'the bells' unless in the company of others at a specially arranged party that would be rude to miss

We saw in 2017 with a viewing of Pulp Fiction on Channel 5.