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Thursday, 15 December 2016

I Want To Keep Hold Of This For You

The Vinyl Villain has been hosting a long running series where different contributors suggest a ten track Imaginary Compilation Album for an artist or band, running the gamut from The Smiths to Massive Attack, from Durutti Column to Captain Beefheart. Now totalling over one hundred posts I finally pulled my finger out and wrote an Andrew Weatherall ICA. I cheated- it's a double disc compilation. You can read it here.

This One Dove song didn't make the cut but probably should have.

White Love (Guitar Paradise Mix)


Dubrobots said...

Ooh - forgot I'd grabbed the ICA this morning, sticking that on now

Brian said...

Love that mix of Saint Etienne!

Anonymous said...

And a very belated thank you for the ICA which proved to be one of the most read posts on T(n)VV during 2016.

Swiss Adam said...

It was my pleasure JC. It went round several Weatherall fan sites so that must have added a few reads.