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Friday, 9 December 2016


Back at the start of the year Andrew Weatherall- him again- released two albums, one under his own name (Convenanza) and one with Nina Walsh as the Woodleigh Research Facility. The WRF album, The Phoenix Suburb And Other Stories, is eight tracks of dubby instrumentals and is continuing to reveal is pleasures nearly a year on. About a year ago the good people at Rotters Golf Club sent out an mp3 to everyone who'd subscribed to the Moine Dubh singles club by way of apology for a delay in pressing the first 7". This was it.

Gardens Dub


Michael Doherty said...

It's got that lovely menacing Haunted Dancehall vibe.

drew said...

I much prefer The Woodleigh album to the other. I have not found myself playing any of those singles much.

Swiss Adam said...

The Barry Woolnough single is really good.