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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Shifting Sands

A third song to go alongside West Bam and West India Company- I'll stop after this, it's getting a bit tenuous. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band were from Los Angeles and made psychedelic rock. Shifting Sands came out in 1967, a B-side. There are some lovely distorted guitars on this and a folky vocal. And it was just as forward thinking at the time as Tuesday and Wednesday's 'West' records were I guess.

Shifting Sands

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Jake Sniper said...

Love the W.C.P.A.E.Band. Booker T & his Electric Shock. Recommend them to a younger friend who love his 60s music.Hr gave them a listen and claimed they were from England and we're from the last few years and just ripped the sound off. Youth of today eh.