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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Left Off

Somehow, inexplicably, I left Timothy J Fairplay off my end of year list last week. Partly because I just forgot and partly because I thought at least one of these releases came out the year before. Confused. These are two songs that have been two big favourites round here this year and should definitely have been in my list. The Cat Prowls Again is a synthy disco number that came out on 7" in the summer on the increasingly essential Hoga Nord label.

A three track ep came out digitally in December 2015 but physically in January 2016. My Etherealrealness has ticky drums and spooky, descending synthlines. The hi-hats and lasers add some 70s sci-fi fizz.

Just when you could do with a post Christmas lull we have a large family party this afternoon and an invite to a second bash this evening, a housewarming described as a Moving Gin party. Wish us luck.


drew said...

Hoga nord have a singles club for 2017. I slept on the MINAMI DEUTSCH 7" earlier in the year and have regretted it ever since.

mike said...

the minami deutsch 7" has a second print and is still available

drew said...

Thanks for the heads up Mike, still available and duly ordered.