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Monday 27 November 2017

Erotica Nervosa

This came out in September and was widely missed and it's a shame because it is an excellent piece of disco-tinged house. Duncan Gray provides the music, the clipped riff and the beats, the whooshing noises and the grimey bassline. Sarah Rebecca provides the vocals, about drive and ambition and sexual obsession, ending up chanting 'I will be reborn in the fire' over a dirty, descending guitar part. 

It's a Monday at the end of November. Christmas is too far away to look like any fun. Black Friday is a dispiriting now annual occurrence. We all could all do with some uplifitng, slinky, funky dance music in our lives couldn't we? 


drew said...

Celebrate it’s cyber fucking Monday!

Walter said...

Yes we could.

Swiss Adam said...

Fuck Cyber Monday.

C said...

Wow, really really love this. Thanks SA!