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Saturday 25 November 2017

Numerical Discord Swap

A friend posted this picture on social media recently, a magazine photoshoot from 1995. Richard Whiteley at the controls. My best effort on the letters was 'scores', 6 letters, not too bad I thought. But, according to the Countdown episode guide (yes, it exists) you could get an 8 letter word- 'scowlers'. 

This is a new one from Justin Robertson (in his Deadstock 33s guise), about to come out on 7", a chugging, funky piece of acid goodness, equal parts Detroit and Manchester with bleeps straight out of Yorkshire. It really hits the spot for Saturday.  


Dubrobots said...

Well, that certainly woke me up this morning

drew said...

Great tune and even better picture. Duly ordered.

Is it okay to say I’ve never seen the point of Countdown?

C said...

Love the photo. Love the footwear!
How about 'screws'...?!

Anonymous said...

Yes Screws is a good one.
Swiss Adam

Anonymous said...

She'd never be able to do that on a modern flat screen telly.