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Wednesday 8 November 2017

To Talk In Rhyme

Let's stay in 1987, a year that has a bad reputation as being at the height of 80s excesses, but there is plenty of gold to be found. Darklands for example...

A very simple song- a couple of chords, some fuzz, some do-do-do-do-do-doo backing vocals and William's tale of teenage alienation.

Ten years later Primal Scream covered Darklands and did quite a job on it- murky, numb, disturbed and distorted. The Scream had bene in a hole for some time at this point and began to climb out with Vanishing Point. This cover was the B-side to the If They Move, Kill 'Em single.



TheRobster said...

Cracking song. The 7" was actually the very first JAMC single I bought.

Echorich said...

This was when I really jumped on the JAMC train. Psychocandy was important, and compelling, but it never really held my attention the way Darklands would.

drew said...

1987 certainly was a year of excess for me. Aberdeen, living well beyond my means. A year that took four years to pay back.

Darklands was a great album and a brilliant move by the Reids. But for once I have to disagree with Echorich, Psychocandy was always and will remain the Mary Chain album for me.