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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Why Waste Your Time?

You know you're gonna be mine...

I'm going to bounce you out of your bed on this Saturday morning with a perfect piece of rave- pop from Bizarre Inc, a trio from Stafford. They had two hit singles in 1991, both ravier and more hardcore- Playing With Knives and Such A Feeling. I'm Gonna Get You is unashamedly pop, with vocals from Angie Brown (reworking lyrics from Jocelyn Brown's Love's Gonna Get You, a 1985 song which also contained germs of two other rave hits,  a sample in Moby's Go and the line 'I've got the power!' in Snap's The Power). I'm Gonna Get You went to number 2 in the chart, based around a drumbeat, synth stabs and some vocal hooks. Once in your head they will stay there all day.

Yo DJ pump this party.

I'm Gonna Get You


drew said...

Thanks for putting that in my head SA. Didn't even have to click on the link.

Simpler times.

Tom W said...

Well I never knew Bizarre Inc were from Stafford.

Echorich said...

Bizarre Inc. were listenable among all the bandwagoning Rave Pop of the early Nineties... This one especially. I think Joeclyn Brown should be name checked whenever possible - her contributions to dance music are immense.