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Thursday 23 November 2017

River Stone

This muddy stream is in the woods in Sale, a dirty tributary that I'm guessing ends up in the Mersey. Musically, today I offer you a delightfully strange song and its dub, both from the magic hands of Lee Perry and Zap Pow, recorded at Perry's Black Ark at some point in the 1970s (1977 I think). The original track is slowly wonky, vocal harmonies and horns and a lilting rhythm. The dub, River Stone, is dubbier and less strange, strangely. A river that smells of sweet herbs and drifts towards the sea.


River Stone 


The Swede said...

Love this tune. A tremendous Scratch production. Couldn't be anyone else.

Dubrobots said...

A (river) stone cold classic.

Nicely sampled by Dreadzone too


Swiss Adam said...

Good spot Dubrobots.