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Monday 20 November 2017

You Learned A Hard Lesson

Some more rivers coming your way over the next few days I think. Yesterday's river was the Afon Llugwy in Betws-Y-Coed, North Wales, photographed when I was there a few weeks ago. Today's river picture shows the Irwell, historic boundary between Manchester (right) and Salford (left). The pub down by the river on the Salford side, the Mark Addy, was ruined by floods in 2015.

In 2002 Doves found themselves caught by the river. I think it's the same river that R.E.M. were looking for yesterday, a mystical river rather than a geographically specific river. Rivers often symbolise time, power, nature obviously, loss of control, and futility (the futility of trying to hold a river back). Also the river, in song and in life, always joins the sea and then disappears into it. The narrator in this song seems to be talking to his son, who's made a mistake, been caught and now has to learn the lesson.

Caught By The River

Doves were a good band. Currently on hiatus, Andy and Jez re-appeared as Black Rivers in 2015. I've posted it before but this Richard Norris remix of their song The Forest is well worth hearing again, a kind of autumnal Balearica.


TheRobster said...

That second Doves album was utterly superb. They never bettered it.

Walter said...

I agree to TheRobster. Doves were a great band an Caught by the river was the song that made me investigate more of them.

Echorich said...

It's tough for me to chose between the debut Lost Souls and follow up The Last Broadcast...hell, Some Cities is pretty magical as well. The soul they impart into Sakamoto's The Storm, written for the Snake Eyes soundtrack is stunning.

JC said...


Doves were/are a good band.

Lovely piece of writing.