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Sunday 5 November 2017



Desperate Man (Matthew Herbert Remix)

Matthew Herbert's delicious remix of Kalabrese's Desperate Man, vocals by Khan, from 2014. With a picture of Winona Ryder.


Walter said...

A great track indeed. Thanks for sharing Adam. And good to see Wynona again

TheRobster said...

Watching Stranger Things the other night, it reminded me of how time continues to slip on by - I still regard Winona Ryder as that goth teenager in Beetlejuice, and now here she is playing a mum to teenagers! Scary.

Swiss Adam said...

Me too Robster.

Echorich said...

Now that there are two seasons of Stranger Things, I think I will attempt to get back into it... The show lost me 4 episodes in during the first season - too many references to too many movies I did what I could to avoid 30+ yrs ago.
As for Desperate Man - that is a wonderfully retro slice of synth sound. Sometimes kitchen sink mixes work perfectly - here's your evidence!