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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Jacaranda Skies

Sorry for the break in transmission yesterday. It was Richard Branson's fault. The buck goes all the way to the top.

Yes it's late January and yes the weather is still a bit shitty but we can console ourselves with the thought that it is getting lighter for longer, slowly but surely, day by day. This new release from Leeds-based producer Joe Morris is Balearic through and through, the sound of beaches, sunsets and pine trees. Four tracks, none in any hurry to get anywhere but too busy to be ambient. Here's two of them.

Jacaranda Skies

The Lost Garden


londonlee said...

Ooh Charlotte Rampling

JC said...

Yon Jacaranda Skies number is just what the doctor ordered after a shitty and stressful day at the office. Not normally my sort of thing, but ideal tonight.

Mr Branson will no doubt be compensating you and the family with an all inclusive stay on Necker Island. I look forward to the pictures.

Swiss Adam said...

When we get there I'll share the pictures. Don't hold your breath.

Glad the music helped.

charity chic said...

Shafting the NHS is one thing but interfering with your internet is taking it to a whole new level SA

Swiss Adam said...

Tell me about it CC. Priorities.