Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Wednesday, 17 January 2018


Tapan are a duo from Belgrade, about to release an album called Europa- stick that in your referendum Nigel. They veer all over the place, from Middle Eastern rhythms to dub to weirded-out post punk, but always a step ahead. Europa has been remixed by Timothy J. Fairplay, a beguiling eight minutes for Wednesday morning. The Youtube commenters know the score:
  • crunchy beats 
  • a gargantuan tune full of hyperconsciosness sent to us from Tapans hideout faaaar beyond our Oort cloud
  • mhmmm
  • filthy and fat
  • (~)
  • some heavy shit


drew said...

That is very good

George said...

Whenever I seel Fascination it seems to me as if the record is slightly off-centre. Two splendid tunes. I don't think any of the students I tried to teach ran off to join a band. Maybe ran off to sell drugs, though.........

Swiss Adam said...

You left that comment on the wrong post I think George but I agree- it does sound a bit wonky.