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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

This Wasn't Supposed To Happen

I was in Top Shop the other day- with my teenage daughter, just to provide some context- and this song started playing over the in-store sound system.


It took me a moment to place it but it sounded really good, thumping away over the bright lights and rails of clothes. Its unexpectedness, a 27 year old song in among what they'd been playing beforehand, was part of it. But it sounded good on its own terms too- the loose early 90s drums, the synth horns and funky guitar riff and Bjork's vocals (Einar's contribution too). I always think that as a band they never matched the songs on Life's Too Good but at the tail end of 2017 I was proved wrong. I'm happy to be proved wrong with music.

As a bonus here they are on The Word in December 1991 (the sound is a bit patchy I'm afraid).


TheRobster said...

As an album, 'Life's Too Good' wasn't matched. But there were some excellent songs on their other two records that still stand up. I think you're right that even 27 years on, they don't sound out of place. They never tried to fit in with any trend at the time - they just did their own thing - so that's probably why.

londonlee said...

Did your daughter say "What's this old rubbish?"

George said...

Enjoyed this track, Adam. I don't think I've ever heard it before today, it certainly doesn't get played in my local cafe here. (Usually it's an old film on tv anyway, last week one of the old Sinbad films)

Swiss Adam said...

The old Sinbad films are great George. Well worth spending time in a cafe for.

Lee- she didn't even notice.

Robster- spot on.

Brian said...

Always liked this one. Hit helped Sugarcubes broaden their fan base significantly over here. I’m attracted to the songs on the first album, in all their quirkiness, but this is just a great pop song. I saw that you are not alone in featuring Sugarcubes today. Funny how often that happens.

The Swede said...

Thanks for digging out the Word clip SA - how great was that?

JC said...

One of their best......and fantastic that we both featured Sugarcubes on the same day.