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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Over Again

The Charlatans 2017 album Different Days seems to have been a bit of an opinion splitter. A bunch of good songs with a few skippers is my view- not as good as Modern Nature but better than some of the albums that they put out in the 00s. The newest single from it, Over Again, came out on green vinyl just after Christmas (to match the green Sproston Green sweatshirt modelled above). Over Again is a breezy, lighter than air kind of song, driven by some early 90s drums.

It's been followed by a remix by Bagging Area favourites A Certain Ratio, a loose limbed groove with Tim's vocals intact and added whistles and squiggles. The end section in particular could have come straight from ACR:MCR. Put it with the Barry Adamson one they remixed last year.


TheRobster said...

Strange choice of single in my opinion as this is one of the aforementioned 'skippers' for me. To be honest, the more I listen to 'Different Days', the more underwhelmed I am by it. Only 'Simpatico' rates lower in their discography as far as I'm concerned.

not heard the ACR remix - will give it a go when I get home.

Brian said...

A bunch of good songs with a few skippers... yep, that sums it up succinctly. This remix is doing it for me though. Thanks.

The Swede said...

I thought 'Modern Nature' was a triumph and was really looking forward to 'Different Days', but found it a big disappointment.

Echorich said...

I will throw my lot with those that find Different Days a let down after Modern Nature. It did get a reasonable number of plays throughout the year though.
Once again, ACR bring a certain magic to their remix. They scored for me with Barry Adamson earlier in the year and now continue their winning ways with Over Again.
Both remixes deserved to be billed as "vs. ACR" as their imprint completely transforms the song. But on Over Again, swap out some staid 90's percussion for timeless funk and a bit of 80's Acid.
I've put this remix in my 2018 playlist as it deserved not to be lost in the holiday suffle...Brilliant stuff!!!