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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Well Tempered

Fluke were a British acid house/techno group who put out a very good album on Creation (The Techno Rose Of Blighty, 1991) and went on to release several others and then went on to provide music for film soundtracks (The Matrix amongst others). But in some ways their best work was the remixes they did of other artists in the early 90s. They worked on several singles for Bjork's Debut including the definitive version of Big Time Sensuality and this magnificent, shimmering, rushing, dancefloor reworking of Violently Happy.

Violently Happy (Fluke Well Tempered)

This remix of  Spooky was the fourth single from their 1993 Republic album (and there is a sign of how things had changed- New Order on Factory would never have done something as major label as releasing 4 singles off an album). One of the (few) highlights of the album and its related singles were the 3 remixes Fluke did of Spooky.

Spooky (Magimix)


JC said...

I knew I recognised the name from somewhere....it is the remix stuff.

Without giving too much away I terms of the long-running New Order singles series over at my place, I don't think we will be in too much disagreement by the time I reach the London Records era.

Anonymous said...

Regret is the last truly great song they made.
Swiss Adam

Rob said...

^ Yep

Echorich said...

Fluke was a great remix team.
As for the musings on New Order, I am in full agreement with you SA. I have some very strong views on Regret and how pivotal it was for me.