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Thursday 28 June 2018

Gadji Beri Bimba Clandridi

June 2018 is a gift that keeps on giving in terms of images. In the picture at the top Diego Maradona celebrates Argentina finding some form of redemption against Nigeria (who didn't deserve to lose to be honest). Diego danced with a Nigerian fan, celebrated Messi's goal in ecstatic style, flipped double birds at fans below on the 86th minute winner and then had a health scare in the concourse. He is disappearing in a blizzard of coke. I love Diego in many ways but I fear for his health. In the picture below a resident of Mossley, in the Pennines east of Manchester, returns from the Co-op in a gas mask to protect from the moorland fires which have been out of control most of the week. The smell of burning peat hangs over the city.

Recently I have been a little bit obsessed with this song from Talking Heads in 1979. Byrne's lyrics were adapted from a poem by the Dadaist writer Hugo Ball. The groundbreaking Afro-funk is the product of the band.

I Zimbra (12" version)

It works well with this, out earlier this year from Sean Johnston's Hardway Bros, a 2018 slice of Afro-funkiness.


The Swede said...

The Hardway Bros tune is great. Stay safe SA.

drew said...

Who apart from us (ahem) has a respirator lying about the house. Our's is the black SAS one that for some reason Max had to have when he was younger, my brother gifting it to him. But that one is proper scary Dead Man's Shoes/28 Days Later stuff.

Swiss Adam said...

Everyone's got a respirator or gas mask in case of emergency haven't they?