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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Imaginary Collaboration Album

Johnny Marr posted this photograph on his Twitter account yesterday with the caption Kylie Fucking Minogue. It got me thinking that I would definitely pay good money for an Imaginary Collaboration Album, Marr and Minogue covering songs from their respective back catalogues. Johnny and his current band with Kylie singing How Soon Is Now and Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me, Kylie cooing her way through Getting Away With It, The Beat(en) Generation and Still Feel The Rain by Stex and in return Johnny blazing his way through Can't Get You Out Of My Head, finding a new slinky guitar version of All The Lovers and a jangle version of I Should Be So Lucky. Come on, make it happen.

Johnny Mar's new solo album came out yesterday to uniformly good reviews. I'm not getting it until tomorrow (Father's Day innit). This single came out a month ago and sounds like a song he meant to record with his most famous band but never got around to until now.

And some Kylie. In 1994 everyone loved Kylie.


The Swede said...

'Hi Hello' sounds like The Smiths covering 'Dancing Barefoot'. Which is no bad thing, obvs.

Martin said...

Love everything about this post. And both artists. JM album should arrive today.

Anonymous said...

I like how Mr Marr has embedded his love of Ronnie James Dio on his photo. Mr Marr has many unusual and disparate influnces in his work.

Adam Turner said...

Spotted that too. Needs cropping really